New Website!

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About frickin' time, eh?

Yeah, so I finally got around to slapping a wordpress site to replace the old static sites we've had in the past. It's just something I'll tinker with as time allows, so you'll see updates now and then. 

Shred Company is nearly old enough to drink (in the States). In October 2017, we will turn 21! Holy crap! The clan is still going strong, despite some of us wearing Grampers. There's about 19 active members still talking to one another each day through our private mailing list. There's still a lot of gaming going on, even some of us taking the leap into the scary world of VR. Personally, I'm looking forward to the latest inception of the game that started it all: Quake Champions. It looks nice and cleanly updated, yet old school enough to hold the appeal of old gamers like us. We'll see. One of us just got into the beta, so we may have a report on it soon.

I'd welcome any title that came along and put us all into the same game again. Just like the old days *sniff* >8)