About Shred Company

It is entirely possible that you have innocently stumbled upon this website whilst desperately searching the net for a good deal on a nice paper shredder, yes? I'm afraid this is not the place to get such a deal, although... if you are serious about bashing stuff into little indescribable pieces, then... word on the street is that the Allagheny 3650 is the choice for the discerning demolitionist - accept no substitute. Now, if you haven't gotten here by way of ill chance, then I suppose this About Us section ought to be the section where this website gets explained a tad. A tad being a bit more than a half dozen sentences, yet considerably less than a metric shitload. Stay with me, it won't hurt much.

Shred Company... To be honest, I'm not sure if even I understand it entirely, but I'll do my best to try and explain. If you are unfamiliar with online gaming in general, then this is probably all going to be a bit foreign to you. But, odds are that you're here because, just like us, you spend countless hours at the keyboard firing off virtual ordnance at every 3D beastie that has the audacity to twitch in your very presence, yes? Words such as ping, lag, gibs, LPB and camper all mean something to you, no? Uh huh... us too. That's why we're here, and that's why we'll still be here, in one form or another, many many years from now... gamingQueue wavy filter and dream sequence music...

In the early 1990's, AIRBlower (formerly the artist known as Capt. YaYa, and then known as Demoncleaner), rang me up and said: "Hey... you have to check this out..." So, I smoothed on over to his pad, he fired up his stupid-fast IBM Aptiva 486, (which left us just enough time to go get a sandwich, pet the cat and flip through the New York Times Sunday edition while it was booting) and from that point on I found myself spending entirely too much time playing Doom I & II... our first exposure to the world of the First Person Shooter.

It was also about this time that I became friends with Quasi, who was running a BBS that I frequented, then called the Bytes 'n Bits BBS. Being keen to the whole FPS thing, Quasi put up a 4-person dial-in server for playing Doom called APCiDoom, and the whole FPS world changed right then and there. I was amazed... you could actually have other people controlling the nasties that were shooting back at you! This was beyond cool, and I couldn't get enough. We ran up phone bills like you just can't imagine whilst gettin' our deathmatch on.

Then it happened... in August of 1996 iD Software released Quake, the follow up to Doom I & II. It blew the doors (and some other choice automotive parts) clean off of the gaming world en masse. Not only was its graphic technology vastly superior to its predecessors, but now you could easily connect via the internet and play with people from all over the world. It was a virtual bloodbath of global proportions and it attained instant success. And... as humans are like to do, small groups began to form... called Clans. Quasi put up a Quake server which was mobbed 24/7 from day one. After seeing the teamwork that could be pulled off by some of the clans that were now regulars on Quasi's server (The Guild, Deimos, etc.) I thought we should have a clan of our own to represent the server. Quasi and AIRBlower liked the idea, so I posted this message to a usenet group in October of '96:

Subject: CTF CLAN anyone?
From: Blind Panic
Date: 1996/10/25
Newsgroups: rec.games.computer.quake.playing


Hey now. The sysop at my board expressed some interest in getting a clan going some time ago. We originally tried it with some local guys on the BBS but, you know how it is: No shows, never there, etc..

Anyway... The server he runs is in northeast NJ. It's soon going to become a CTF server with Zoid's mods. Anyone interested in joining? Any semi-formed clans out there looking for a home? Lately, the Deimos guys (I think... using DM-name) have been stopping by from time to time and whooping everybody's butt before leaving. It's embarrassing that we don't have a clan to defend the "home turf", you know? So drop me a line if you feel like checking it out.

Anywho...there's not really any criteria for joining as of yet. I'm certainly no Quake dynamo, but I don't completely suck. Only, we probably won't want to use any sort of juvenile clan name like "Dynamite-Dingleberries", you know? And nothing too "cool" either, like "The Shadow Lords", or whatever. My apologies in advance to any real "Dynamite-Dingleberries" or "Shadow Lords" who may happen to read this. >8)

A name should reflect the way you play... Don't you think?



Within a day, I had a reply from Chance, who said he was interested. He also had a friend who would be into it too... Stäs. The following day I got a message from Tick, and we had our minimum five members to become an official iD Clan. We registered under a name I had been tossing around after watching Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket one too many times... Shred Company or ShredCo. for short. It stuck... and the membership just snowballed from there. TooncePossumZephyr & Zot joined us before the end of '96... MorkRicoSargeCaretakerTalonTempestBengalfKashmir &Hendrix by the summer of '97... Red RazorBlaqTwIsTeRNailbiterMerchantSilent BoBAthenaUranusHoycayaReaperFarad'nCleopatraAssembler ManiacSugarcrumDarkus, FarticusBMWM3, and Rudemood have joined us since, and a bunch of others that came and went over the years.

We've unofficially adopted CTF as our main game, in its various iterations. I suppose Capture The Flag is the game that offers the most for a team so far, although you can find a Shredder with an interest in just about any game you can come up with. We've competed with other clans from all over, sustaining a pretty respectable record. But above all, and the thing I'm most proud of, is the sort of reputation the clan has achieved. Many people in the gaming community have come to know us as the easy-going, good sports that we try to be. Anyone who's spent any amount of time on public game servers knows that there are quite a few juvenile idiots out there who are bent on annoying everyone around them. We've run into our fair share of these, as I'm sure you can imagine. But we try not put up with that on our servers.

We're approximately 20 active members now, with more than 40 total over the years. Our members come in every stripe of humanity, from all over the world, but mostly from the eastern seaboard of North America. Most of us work in the tech sector, but we have all sorts of professions amongst us. So much so, that we've actually become our own tech support via our mailing list. The game is what started it all, but it has become so much more. Shred Company has developed into an international fraternity of sorts, and many good friends have been made as a result.

There've been some bumps in the road, but it's been mostly fun. And after 20 years, the clan shows no signs of slowing. We've been keeping up with many of the latest titles that come out on PC and Console. The website has been completely overhauled, and the mailing list is as active as ever. And as Always, there's an underlying excitement waiting for some of the new titles that are coming down the pike.

If you're into online gaming, you're among friends here. Shoot an email if you want a game sometime.

See you in there...

Blind Panic